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How Weird Is Weird Enough For Your Blackmailed Blackbox
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How Weird Is Weird Enough For Your Blackmailed Blackbox

Ultimately joking on this utmost reality
Been stuck in this hyperthirsty cavity
How to became to know your the ssu
Upper string
The most precious time is blackout of all
My white
My supersizequeen sirene
My crystallic
Just a phantom phase
No trick needs to be put in this ever timing
How to spread the sparkshot blast
How to prepare the coma bend approaching
The point of climax times climax Sure Return
You ain't never gonna dissolve the void properly per these infamous germanithium reciepes
I will thoroughly ever prefer to find the loosest way
As a semidog prototype zetta-alphoid ray
Realm of utmost videos
Superluminous spit
This mixture of Angel Dust times Crystal Meth
Fives the ansa
You will know only severe everything
'Cos you're the pre pre pre prevailed cuckoose bond and exterior of end of end PI hyperspace
So solid
Like Tsar Puma blast of those Ever Colder War
Call that Eniac, call that edit.exe
Call that cylinder zero pattern laid blindfolded
Call Ra
Pleaase Put them Dearest Arrested Departed your rainbow table from your previous


I pull them departure kick 'em your fate to my triggered blasphemied paradise

This par ad ox
Far like cross
Fake like cable direct access
Nullify these fucken PIs

Triple cross the ripples dripping
From your lye/flesh dipped

The story was too many times too much obvious
Tame me delirious
Have a clean blanket and drive me aligned

I'd love
Dear first Laika, or Michele Mouton

My capabilities are too far to understand that incredible complexity of feelings, mind and science

I'm so sad that I forget you and you...and you and you ... and YOU.

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08.03.2023 17:56:04dát kritice tipfrenzy

sid: však to je automatext...dík že jsi to zkusila.

08.03.2023 12:02:41dát kritice tipsidonia

sem si to musela dát do translátoru... a ani ten moc nepomohl

- je to jako volání z jiného světa

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