Hello David


Hello David,


First of all I would like to wish to you and to all yours merry Christmas and a happy new year. It has come again - the years seem to go past faster and faster.


I laughed a lot reading your advice "how to land an eligible bachelor".


So how the story went:

After deciding to become available and to step out onto the "single and open to discussion" market I somehow got involved with one guy from the company, from purchasing department. He would not take a no for an answer and after many negotiation rounds the no became yes and was very shortly followed by a "yes please". All would have been well if he only were not already attached.

Second successful landed "catch" was a partial friend, someone who was around in the group of working friends for quite a few years. He has suddenly discovered that he would quite like to get to know me better and to look after my well being (as any serious man should!). With subtle "hints" in needed periods there seems to be something brewing.

He is the ideal partner - works on the oil rig – ie. at home for a month away for 3, he is very attentive and according to my specifications the "ideal homo material". So you could see that from decision to some progress the time was efficiently spent . Event through I ended with 2 new men in my life. It is frightening how simple it was.


Further development in my life - I have bought a car - a Ford Ka, petrol 1,2 engine power, second hand.

For my running around needs just perfect. I was considering it for a while but making the final step was difficult.


I am also going to rent a small house here in my work town. I am getting fed up with the bedsit rental, after 3 years...

The new house will be slightly further away (3 miles) from my work. Slightly too far to walk 2 times a day.

It has a big so far not too tended garden and a wonderful fire place. I could just imagine the nice evenings (perhaps with alternative men of my life  on the terrace drinking tea or even just watching the flames in the fireplace).

I would say it will be an improvement.


Once more I would like to wish you to enjoy the festivities, don’t eat too much.


Please give my love to Maggie and the kids.


Lots of love



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