David Bowie


He would be invited to your wedding

And smile for daddy smile

Watching too much television

Got confused by that daddy shit

Making comments through the silver teeth

One eyed astronaut

Descending on the crowd

And all the horses thought the people

Gathered because of them

In these times which are ending

Reality is not what’s real but what’s being

Taped and rewatched for infinity

All the robots of her majesty

Queen of swans with laser sights

Music is eternal and soothing and

Silence does not exist anymore

We did not choose this kingdom the God did

As well as its judges and prisoners

Its slaves ruling other slaves

And riches for every one that hate bitter

Sweet salty meals and sickness in our hearts

Some are blind but aren’t we all

At the end the story repeats itself

It is rather simple

Because everything just happened at once


Blessed with new attempts to understand

What kind of creatures desire their own

Self-destruction and dichotomies

Who has car wants a boat who has boat

Wants a plane who has plane wants universe

For himself

Soundless melody and deadly cold universe

But pity me I beg pity me because I am

Unhappy for all of you I require sympathy and understanding

My weaknesses must be cured

My loneliness must be just waiting room of love and this wedding

Its all for me I participate in great things

Made just for me and my appetites

I am alive

Please tell me that I am alive and that I will get through this golden valley of vanity

And despair

Which is my unsettled existence

I need to hear it and you need to mean it

My dress is fabulous

I was praised by the stars of haute coutoure

My face is beautiful

I paid for it to be

More than you David

I paid cash

Taken from pockets of lost travellers

Seekers deprived of the treasure being born royal

There is nothing to it except for misery

My brother

It is your wedding day all the horses are here

Stables are empty as

Our mothers chair

And our souls


David agreed to sing

And it sounds like

AI finally took over

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