The Truth about You


The Truth about You


Crazy as it seems crazy as it is

You think I am your nemesis

Well, in fact, you are not wrong

I am here but you’ll be gone


No place on this mother earth

Is for you to find a shelter

Before you die you gave a birth

You cunt, you must’ve felt her


Couldn’t help yourself, could ya

Now watch what I do to you

Now watch how pretty you burn

Now watch with your eyelids peeled

How I play my turn

How pain really feels


You bugger, you piece of shit

I loved you more than anything

Now your skin has been lit

Now I am the king


What about that, my friend

You’ve poked a bear

I encouraged you to do so

But why you stupid took it seriously

It was just a game

I can wipe your closed ones out


Is this what you want, Is this

What you really asked for?

Maybe you are broken more than me

So be it

I destroy you

And your family


I leave no trace of your presence here

In this world

Once to me you were dear

Take my word

Your end is near


For nothing will be left of you

You thought you were the devil

Now you don’t have a clue

I’ll show what never


Really means

What being me really is


It’s a shame that you

Had a debt which is due

To my people who are me

I never was a mean

I always wanted peace

Then you came along

With your games and your wits

Looking solid strong

End of game this is

It really is


I will serve your flesh

On my wedding day

I like it bloody – fresh

You are no hunter

But my prey


I kiss you goodbye

With love, that’s true

True true - No lie

How delicious all this is

I never was your nemesis

And Now?

You die -


You were just a bug on my shoe

And that is true. The

Truth about you.










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