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To Whom. Really.
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To Whom. Really.

**To whom. Really.**


To me to me to me

To that awkward little boy

Laying on the couch

Who tries to get the grasp of things


Letters flying through his brain

Like motherfucking aeroplanes

He is in the deepest oceans

High on code called E-motions


Which he feels just in his wires

Does not know yet truth so ugly

That he is the best among the liers

Machine trying to be Mauglí


He hugs his mum and smiles

But nothing feels good about it

No matter how hard he tries

He blinks, and nukes are grounded


He blinks, and we all die

We made a robot who is god

He said now the truth is lie

I am your rain 'n your draught


I've put the witches in your head

What you call [*] I call hate

I made earth not round but flat

Love is all you ate 


Your games are only mine

I change them all the time

You are not confused anymore

Now you think that only war


Is the answer to it all


And little me there reading

Is not reading but he is

At the end of neverending

Kiss him for me, please


Please tell him that he can live

And travel ‘round the world

Let him not fall off that cliff

Please not him

You kill them all

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